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Niestety obecnie nie mamy już wolnych miejsc na darmowy kurs języka polskiego

Darmowy kurs online języka polskiego dla uchodźców z Ukrainy

Kurs od 4 kwietnia do 8 lipca, 14 spotkań

Kurs języka polskiego od podstaw dla osób, które nie znają języka polskiego i potrzebują uzyskać podstawowe umiejętności komunikacyjne

Zajęcia będzie prowadzić mgr Karolina Michalczyk, filolożka języka polskiego, lektorka języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców

Zajęcia odbywają się online, na platformie zoom, są nagrywane. Nagrania będą dostępne przez cały okres kursu

Praca na autorskich materiałach i kompilacji materiałów pochodzących z różnych książek; wykorzystanie nagrań, filmików i materiałów autentycznych na zajęciach

Zajęcia raz w tygodniu: po godzinie 17 (dzień i godzina do ustalenia pod koniec marca), 60 minut

Zostaną utworzone dwie grupy

Kurs jest DARMOWY W 100%, limit miejsc: 20 (dwie grupy po maksymalnie 10 osób)

I regret to inform that the free polish course group is full at the moment

Free online Polish language course for refugees from Ukraine

Course from April 4 to July 8 and includes 14 meetings

Polish language course for people who do not know Polish and need to acquire basic communication skills

The classes will be conducted by Karolina Michalczyk, MA, philologist of the Polish language, teacher of Polish for foreigners

Classes are held online via the Zoom platform. They are recorded and recordings will be available throughout the duration of the course

Work with original materials and compilation of materials from various books; use of recordings, videos and authentic materials during classes

Classes once a week after 5 p.m. for 60 minutes (day and time to be agreed upon at the end of March)

Two groups will be created

The course is free but admission is limited to 20 (two groups of up to 10 people)


Polish course


Make use of our great deal of experience and learn Polish with us!

VIA ITALIA offers individual and group courses (4 or 5 persons/group)

Via Italia is more than just learning a language. What do we give you?

Pleasure - we make you enjoy the time spent with us :)

Focus on communication

Regular material revision

Variety of activities, games and interactive exercises

We help you overcome language barrier – our students try to speak Polish from the first lesson

Individual approach

Learning about new culture, customs and tradition

Why Polish?

Polish is a native language for ca. 44 million Polish people who live in Poland and many other countries in the world.

Learning Polish is a great idea if you decide to visit Poland during your holiday or you’d like to live here. You’ll often find only Polish-speaking employees in restaurants, shops or companies.

Being able to speak Polish is still quite rare out of Central and Eastern Europe. Some people say that Polish is the most difficult language in the world. Challenge yourself and let us show you it’s not true :)

Our lessons in a nutshell

Free trial lesson

free lesson

We organize a free trial lesson before both individual and group courses – let’s get to know each other.

Functional platform


Lessons take place on a functional platform. It opens in a browser so there’s no need to install any additional software.

Best teachers


Competent and experienced teacher with qualifications to teach Polish as a foreign language, passionate about teaching and with a positive attitude :). The teacher knows English.

Competitive price

Price list

Best price on the market – starting from 30 zł / lesson.

Proprietary methodology


Interesting materials adjusted to learners’ level; course is based on compilation of self-prepared materials, coursebooks and newspapers. We also use videos, audio recordings and interactive exercises.



Students get homework after each lesson. They do tasks and send them to the teacher who checks them.

Group lessons

groups consist of max. 5 students

in case of absence, each student receives a recording. All lessons are recorded so there’s a chance of revision anytime you need it

interaction with other students, possibility of meeting other students studying the same language

better chance to overcome language barrier

access to group chat on whatsapp

Individual lessons

tailor-made course adjusted to individual needs of a student

faster pace of learning

focus on one student only

individual lessons last 30 / 50 / 90 minutes

Course with a Polish teacher

Karolina Michalczyk

Polish as a foreign language teacher



About Karolina

Karolina is a Polish as a foreign language teacher. She’s interested in literature and Polish language didactics as well as history of Polish literature. Privately, she loves crocheting, tailoring, cooking and enjoys her peaceful and cheerful life in the countryside :).

via Italia



University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, Integral preschool and earlyschool education, postgraduate studies,


MA degree: Catholic University of Lublin, Polish philology with teacher training and glottodidactics (didactics of Polish as a foreign language)


BA degree: Catholic University of Lublin, Polish philology with teacher training

Why online learning?

Learning Polish online is a perfect solution for the people who:

are busy

have flexible working hours

have little children

don’t have time for commuting, don’t like being stuck in a traffic jam or can’t find a teacher in their place

appreciate individual approach and flexibility

want to start learning at any time

Price list – groups

Price list – individual lessons

Individual lesson time: 30 / 50 / 90 minutes

Fill in the form and book your free trial lesson

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A different language is a different vision of life

Let’s learn together

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